small.image“As a young boy I lived in a mountainside in the rural and ancient part of Spain called Galicia, in the northwestern part of the country outlined by the Atlantic. This was an earthy place, a mystical place where time stood still… no electricity, no cars or roads, no modern conveniences… we lived off the earth as any village would back in the middle ages. Every Fall we used to go down the mountain to the vineyard with a black-stained cart pulled by two oxen. There, we harvested the ripe grapes, as sweet as nectar and I know this because I used to eat as much as would fill my belly. We threw grapes back into the cart, and back up the mountain we would go. The wooden spoke-wheels would sing against the wooden axles of the cart from the weight of the grapes. Back in the village, my brother Toni and I would squash all the grapes barefooted. This is the way it was done going all the way back to Roman times… so you see, wine is in my blood!

From that bucolic setting, destiny brought me to New York City; the city and country that I love.  After a long winding career, my life path brought me back to the world of wine; thus we created Classic Wines.


Classic Wines, Inc, is a corporation owned by a diversified group of business professionals, all eager to capitalize on a unique business model to sell and promote extraordinary wines. Our group has an outstanding list of credentials that is essential to the technical aspect of our business. We have over 35 years of international business experience with an extensive knowledge and expertise in the legal implications of trade. We possess extensive expertise in the wine distribution business, in global logistics, and in finance, all of which are critical for our marketing model. Our business acumen is complemented by extensive experience gained while employed by multi-national corporations. Our combined experience coupled with a superb theoretical understanding of business allows us to be creative and innovative and therefore we are well entrenched to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. Our union creates the dynamic company Classic Wines, a business model that differentiates us from all other competitors.


  • Be the most reputable global wine logistical platforms serving specific needs of our industry
  • Encourage the collective imagination of all and the resourcefulness of each individual to continuously increase satisfaction for our customers and ourselves
  • Maximize the utilization of our assets to expand, grow, and capitalize on the opportunities of change
Create an optimal distribution system for all products that it represents. The partnership concept with supplies, distributions, and retailers will strongly be emphasized. A strong allegiance will optimize customer satisfaction by creating a perception of total quality in product and related services.